Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum


Package includes: blackhead remover, replaceable probes head, reusable dirt-resistant net, storage bag, USB charge cable, user manual, and bonus 1-year money-back guarantee.


Use special air pump technology to create precise airflow and centrifugal suction that pulls out blackhead without hurting skin. Washable reusable dirt-resistant nylon net, which could save complicated steps of changing filter cotton. The led blue light treatment would help to inhibit skin secretion and shrinking pore. Those upgraded functions will make it more efficient in removing blackhead, whitehead, acne, comedo and so on.

5 suction modes correspond to different suction forces from 59 Kpa to 65 Kpa. Level 1 – 2 are suitable for sensitive, dry and neutral skin, level 3 – 4 are suitable for oily and mixed skin, level 5 is designed for recalcitrant skin. Use with 4 probes to solve different skin conditions. Help cleaning up blackhead, makeup residues, dirt grease, etc.