Arkwright Makeup Remover Towel


The makeup towel gently cleans your face to remove all awkward makeup, dirt, oil and grime effortlessly.


These makeup eraser cloths are ideal for removing facial makeup, eye makeup, glitter, lipstick and more. Do not ruin your white towels with makeup stains-use custom-made black towels that will look shabby or dirty even after multiple uses. Perfect for thanksgiving, holidays, housewarming and hostess gifts.

Arkwright’s makeup remover washcloths pack of 6 is black in color and has a perfect size of 13 x 13 in. With white printing, it is useful because it assists with friction. The fibers are able to grip onto the makeup and lift it from the skin, it is perfect for self-use or for gifting to your loved one.

Machine wash the makeup remover towels on a gentle cycle as needed (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach and softeners). For daily washing, wash towels in regular mode. Wash towels in cold water, do not use bleach. To minimize lint, dry with a dryer sheet.