Aisillac Eyelashes And Eyeliner Kit



  • Pairs of different dtyle eyelashes.
  • Eyelash tweezers.
  • Magic eyeliner.
  • Instructions.


Cadillac reusable eyelashes and eyeliner is made to ease your makeup burden. Saving at least 10 min to make both your eyeliner and lashes done. With upgraded skin-friendly adhesive eyeliner, you can easily put on the fake eyelashes in seconds. Unlike normal magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, no glue needed, no magnetic, no messy stains. If you’re at the last minute before an important date, this amazing natural look eyelash kits will be the perfect solution.

The eyeliner tube sponge nib is designed for easy control, won’t branch, or leave a stain. Special nib shape design allows you to better draw either thin or bold. The eyelashes made from high-quality synthetic fibers, the false lashes give a naturally soft extension and poised look that accentuates the eyes. The adhesive eyeliner makes the false eyelashes fit tightly with a natural look, allows about 24 hours long-lasting.