Adhesive Eyeliner Waterproof


Super smooth, easy-to-use, no glue, fast results, easy-to-remove, high quality, water-resistant.



Magic eyeliner does not contain any kind of glue but it works as a lash adhesive. It’s a game-changer for eyelash application.

Apply 2 layers of eyeliner to the upper lid, wait about 20 – 30 seconds for it to be half-dried (not wet or fully dry). Then put false eyelashes on top of the magic eyeliner, adjust the position according to your need.

The black is deep and rich in color, It’s great for a smudgy, smoky eye that won’t budge.

2 in 1 eyeliner means it has the function of both eyeliner and glue. The lashes can stay in place all day long.