Makeup Brush Cleaning Mats 2 Psc


  • Easy to carry, useful for home use and travel.
  • Lightweight & portable, easy to use & safe.
  • Dotted & bubbled level surface for grip.
  • Able to use for a long time.


Makeup Brush Cleaning Mats (green + rose red). Seven kinds of screw thread design, suitable for cleaning various makeup brushes, such as facial and eye brushes, etc. Help you remove makeup bushes of residue for better skin and makeup application. At the same time, it will also prolong the time of brushes, save your time and money.

Cleaning mats come with suction cups on the back, which have strong adsorption force and can be directly absorbed in the pool or table. Free your hands and keep stable while using, easy to hold and work with. Pretty and cute apple shape, suitable for most sinks.

Brush cleaners made by environmentally friendly and healthy silicone material, no damage to brushes. Soft and odorless material, take care of your tender skin. High-quality material makes this brush cleaner can be used repeatedly for many years. Soft material can foldable storage. Lightweight can also be used when traveling.

Just with some makeup remover on the cleaning pad, gently move your brush on the cleaning pad, then rinse the brush off. Besides, because of the silicone material, the makeup brush cleaner pad is easy to clean. Put your makeup brushes under the water for seconds, you can clean them instantly.

This is the makeup brush cleaning mat, will help thoroughly clean through all the bristles and make cleaning your brushes. Regular cleaning of the makeup brush can help maintain skin and face healthy. Professionals recommend cleaning the brush at least once or twice a month. Regular cleaning of the makeup brush can also extend the life of the brush.