How Do I Keep My Swimsuit from Fading?

How Do I Keep My Swimsuit from Fading?

05/08/2021 Off By ladyadminka

It’s all about colour when it comes to bathing suits. Whether you have a one-piece bathing suit covered in pink polka dots or a classic black swimsuit, you don’t want these amazing shades to fade! After all, they can make you stand out from the crowd and feel beautiful whether you’re doing water aerobics or relaxing by the pool. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your swimsuit looking great over the long run.

Get the Right Swimwear Material

When it comes to knowing how to keep a swimsuit from fading, the first thing you’ll want to prioritize is getting your swimming suit in the right material. A swimsuit made from poor-quality material might look amazing when you first see it at the store, but it won’t stay in good shape for long. If you want your suit to remain bright and beautiful, get one made from fabric that resists the top swimsuit destroyers: chlorine, salt, sunscreen, and UV rays.

Just one of these things can fade a suit, so imagine how bad it can be if yours is being exposed to several of them on a regular basis. Lands’ End-uses Lycra® Xtra Life in many of its swimsuits, which resists the wear and tear that can result from a day at the beach or pool. You’ll notice the way it retains its amazing fit and eye-popping colours for longer, leaving you free to enjoy yourself without worry.

This material also provides UPF 50 protection, so only a sliver of the sun’s rays will get through to your skin, ensuring you stay gorgeous for longer, too. You’ll still need to wear sunblock on exposed areas, but it’s a good place to start nonetheless.


Pretreat Your Bathing Suit

Before wearing your new swimsuit, pretreat it to lock in the colour. Add two tablespoons of vinegar to a quart of cold water and soak your suit in the mixture for half an hour. The cool water will allow the vinegar to penetrate the material and seal in the colour, ensuring it lasts and lasts.

Take a Shower in Your Bikini

Did you know a quick shower before you swim can keep your suit looking nice? If you jump into the pool or ocean when you’re totally dry, your swimsuit will absorb lots of salt or chlorinated water, which can ruin its colour. However, if you shower first and drench your suit in freshwater, it can’t soak up as much of the bad stuff! If there aren’t any showers at the beach, fill a bottle with tap water, and douse yourself when you get there.

Rinse Out Your Bathing Suit

After wearing your swimsuit, always rinse it out right away. If you don’t, things like sweat, salt and chlorine will have more time to damage the fabric. Do this even if you didn’t get wet, as sweat and sunscreen can also be harmful. Just give your suit a quick rinse under a running faucet and you can rest easy knowing its colours are safer.



Wash Swimwear the Right Way

Washing your swimsuit the right way is vital to protecting its amazing colours and it’s easy to do. Fill a sink with cool water and pour in a little shampoo or mild detergent. Don’t use anything with bleach or other harsh additives, which can break down swimwear fabric and cause fading.

Next, swish your suit around in the soapy water, gently working it into the fabric with your hands. If you like, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes (but never soak a suit overnight, which can loosen its fibers) before rinsing it clean. When you’re done, squeeze out excess water, but don’t wring or twist your suit. You can also roll it in a fresh towel to soak up moisture.

Finally, lay it flat to dry, but keep it out of direct light, which can take a toll on its colour. Never put your suit in the washing machine – even the delicate cycle can damage swimwear fabric, so it’s not worth the risk. If you absolutely have to, put your machine in the gentlest setting, place your suit in a garment bag to keep it from being tossed around too much, and throw in a couple of bath towels to act as padding.

It’s even more important to keep your suit out of the dryer though. Exposure to direct heat can fry Lycra and Spandex and sap a swimsuit’s colour, too. If you really need it dry in a hurry, carefully go over it with a hairdryer using the cool setting and you won’t risk ruining it.