High Waist Beach Bow

High Waist Beach Bow

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Not so long ago, swimwear with a high waist became relevant on the beach. Similar products came to us from the fifties. They look amazing: stylish, sexy, allowing you to hide figure flaws. It’s easy to make sure of this, you just need to try on a thing and boldly go to the beach.

The Positive Qualities of a Bathing Bow

The main advantages of such models are the ability to hide most of the body’s flaws. After all, swimming trunks are capable of reaching the navel or even higher. That will make it easy to hide a couple of extra pounds on the sides, not too perfect abs. There is even swimwear with a special modeling effect. Such a thing can generally make you slimmer by a few centimeters.

Often, high-waisted swimwear is the choice of women who want to hide scars, stretch marks, and other features that are not desirable for everyone to see. On the positive side, the model is comfortable. When the bottoms are low-cut and with ties, it looks seductive, but in reality, it is not very comfortable. Sometimes a girl worries about how decent she looks, whether everything is hidden.

When choosing a product with a high waist, you should not be afraid of this. Enjoy your vacation fully, feel comfortable, confident, stylish.


What Kind of Ladies Can Wear Similar Models?

An ideal solution for ladies with curvaceous shapes. Will look great on girls with pear or hourglass shapes. In the case of a voluminous upper body, like the “apples”, then a solid option would be a good solution. The thing is gorgeous for girls with a slender figure who want to show their own slender waist. It is enough to choose a product with an optimal bodice, an elegant beach bow is guaranteed.

Overpriced Product Options

In this case, the options for swimwear do not differ from other styles. Let’s take a closer look to make a decision.

Separate Model

The above products are best suited for relaxing on the beach, attending glamorous beach parties. In the evening, you can wear a product that has catchy decor, gold, silver elements, rhinestones, fringes. The top and bottom of the garment come in the same color or print. This solution will suit young ladies with wide hips. Mix and match pieces from different sets for a new look on the beach every day. Now about the bodice. A good solution would be a bra with a push-up, choose a halter or bando style. The latter option does not have straps, which is perfect for getting an even tan.



Solid Options

A high-waisted product is not always of a split type. Covered bathing suits look great. Most often we are talking about models that have a waistline offset in this area. The emphasis is on the waist area. The maneuver makes it possible to shift attention away from wide hips or a small bust. You can find a one-piece swimsuit with high hips, the presence of deep cuts on the bottom part. This model is capable of lengthening the legs, incredibly suitable for girls who have wide hips.

Fusion models are often plunged. There is a cutout in the foreground that extends to the waist. Thanks to this model, the neck and body are lengthened, the figure does not become heavier. Increases the breast if necessary. Not very suitable for the beach, but it allows you to feel as spectacular as possible, attractive while sailing on a yacht or attending beach parties.

The tankini model deserves special attention. For fat ladies – a real find. The model is of a split type, top and trunks. It happens that there are special cups sewn into the bodice, bones, push-up. In principle, a one-piece model that was “cut”. It is easy to remove it, like a regular separate product.


The Colour Scheme of the Right Choice

A product with a high waist allows you to choose different colors. From delicate shades to deep, vibrant options. Solid swimsuits are always in price, ranging from classic black to other colors that can slim the figure. Pay attention to skin color, whether or not you are tanned.

A high-waisted swimsuit is a feminine option that allows you to shift accents in a unique and appropriate way. To divert attention from potential imperfections of the body, to show advantages in all its glory. Women are different, each of them has its own merits, which are not ashamed to show. The beach is the perfect area to truly show your own beauty.


A wide range is presented, allowing you to choose what will become a true decoration at the resort. High-waisted swimwear is a versatile way, good for any shape. Turning to the online store, you save a lot on the price, save time, and select good quality products.