Best Swimsuits to Buy for a Family Vacation

Best Swimsuits to Buy for a Family Vacation

02/08/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Family vacations offer a chance to show your fun side to your kids, splash around with them, and show them you were once a kid too. Even if you don’t hop on a boogie board with your kids, you can still live vicariously through them. But you’ll need a swimsuit that is family-friendly so you don’t end up showing too much of your fun side. Here are some common family vacations and some recommended swimsuits for each of them.



Lots of modern-day campsites have great resources for families looking for more than just sitting around a fire. Whether fishing, swimming or having a water balloon fight, a swimsuit that is durable yet attractive is important when camping with your family. For that matter, a tankini is a perfect choice for having handy should an impromptu squirt gun battle occur, or if you find yourself tempted to hop in the lake during a hike through the woods. Wear it with a pair of shorts or jeans, or even with a pair of swim leggings if you’re worried about sun protection or protecting your legs from mosquitos.


To an Outdoor Theme Park

Lots of outdoor theme parks have some sort of water ride feature, and it can be really uncomfortable walking around in a wet pair of pants or shorts when the ride is over, not to mention embarrassing. A pair of swim shorts that cover the thighs is convenient for that purpose since it looks like a skirt or a regular pair of shorts, and it dries super-fast. And as a tip from a pro, never do the water rides last. Get them out of the way at the beginning of your visit so the rest of your family has time to dry out.


To an Indoor Water Park

Indoor water parks are great at any time of year and during any type of weather. But they can be pretty warm and humid inside. And since many are attached to hotels, you’ll have to walk from your room and through the air-conditioned hallways to get there. In other words, you’ll not only want to cover up, but you’ll probably be chilly. Long cover-ups are great for this reason, as they not only cover you up but take the chill off your legs as well. Be sure to find one that packs easily into your tote bag with your towels without wrinkling as well. As for the suit itself, just make sure it fits properly and won’t ride up when you land off those water slides.


On a Cruise

A cruise is unique in that it offers a chance to get a little more dressed up and fancy than you normally would. And if you plan on simply lounging by the pool while the kids are entertained at the kids’ club, you can wear whatever you want—even if it’s a somewhat nonpractical but sexy bikini that serves no purpose but to look amazing on you. Again, don’t forget a sarong or another type of swim cover-up, though, so you’re ready to pick up the kids when your window of freedom is over.


A Beach Getaway

Weekend trips to the beach are great ways to enjoy the weather, especially when they’re spontaneous. During the summertime, having a beach bag packed with all the essentials (sand toys, sunscreen, towels, flip flops, and swims suits) is a great way to make sure the summer doesn’t pass you by without the chance to enjoy it. For these types of trips, there are two rules for what type of swimsuit to wear. First, make sure it is appropriate for whatever activities you normally enjoy at the beach (skipping stones versus beach volleyball, for example). Second, make sure you feel amazing in it. An extra hidden pocket in a swimsuit is an added bonus that is great for carrying around credit cards or keys so you don’t have to worry about constantly watching your beach bag. And don’t forget the sunscreen.


Women’s swimwear has come a long way over the years. There are loads of options out there that cater not only to your body type but also to the activity you plan on doing in the water (or simply poolside). Don’t get too overwhelmed with the options. Simply consider your destination, what you plan on doing there, and what you feel most comfortable with. That way, you can focus on having fun with your family instead of tugging at your swimsuit or feeling self-conscious in it.