Be on the Lookout for These 2021 Swimsuit Trends

Be on the Lookout for These 2021 Swimsuit Trends

25/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

The new decade made a dramatic shift in the way people around the world live, work, and enjoy leisure time. Fashion has adapted to the times, coaxing us toward more comfy clothing and versatile capsule wardrobes. This lean toward simplicity and functionality has influenced every corner of day-to-day fashion, including swimsuit styles.

While sleek officewear made way for cozy, casual work-from-home clothes, the vibrant trend of ultra-strappy and cutout swimsuits has made way to more straightforward styles. Here are the new year’s hot trends to be on the lookout for.


2021’s Overall Outlook

This year’s swimsuit styles largely reflect people’s shifting preferences for timeless, comfortable, and functional swimwear. We’re seeing a rise in demand for styles that have a secure, flattering fit instead of ultra-trendy and complicated.

Ruches, ruffles, high waists, tummy control, and no-frills basics are taking over as the ornate styles of 2019 (intricate wrap-tie suits: we’re looking at you!) take a back seat. Seasons come and go, and this return to a simpler fashion is a refreshing change of pace that allows us to stock up on some timeless styles that will last for years onward.


Athletic-Inspired Swimwear

While animal print and other intricate patterns were on the list pre-pandemic, 2021 feels the effects of a general desire for stability. Sporty styles like color-blocked one-piece swimsuits are making a dominant reentrance. This retro-yet-simple look reflects the more functional aspect of swimwear that has become more of a focus this year.

Swimming isn’t so much social as it is about fitness this year, and those who like aquatic fitness desire suits without complicated assembly or extra strings. If athletic swimwear is something you love, then you’ll enjoy all the styles in 2021 that embrace designs offering a secure fit for the free, confident movement.


The “Little Black Swimsuit”

We all talk about the “little black dress” and how it’s a staple in the closet that’s ready for any semi-formal occasion. Now, this trend extends to swimwear. 2021 brings an influx of solid-colored numbers that won’t go out of style, like the timeless black tankini. Having a sophisticated, simple black swimsuit provides an instant go-to item to wear for any aquatic situation. Having a set like this on-hand will take any guesswork out of dressing for the beach or pool because you know you’ll look chic and on-trend.



While simple is in, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want flattering texture and shaping. Ruching in various parts of the swimsuit is more prevalent in 2021’s selections, adding volume or smoothing out areas to give people the most flattering fit. For example, modest swimsuits with ruching at the waist and tummy control smooth out figures to make an attractive silhouette.

Those who want to create the image of a fuller bust should select swimsuits with ruching in their swimsuit tops. Don’t miss your chance to grab a suit with this trend this year because you can enjoy flattering shaping for many seasons afterward.


One-Shoulder Tops

The one-shoulder trend has taken the fashion world by storm, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. It especially flatters people with broad shoulders and athletic figures, but it can look good on anyone because of its stylish appearance. A one-strap suit is a secure alternative to a strapless bandeau, providing an anchor to keep the top in the same spot — even during strenuous exercise. If you’ve been looking for a top with some extra personality, experiment with this style by altering one of your convertible bikini tops, and be sure to get some matching beach cover-ups to take you from the sea to land.


High-Waisted Bottoms

It doesn’t take long to notice that high-waisted swimwear is everywhere, especially as high-cut bottoms continue to grow in popularity. You will see everything from retro 1950s-style cuts to sporty 1980s high cuts. This is good news for everyone because high waist cuts are universally flattering and create the illusion of longer legs.

Whether you get a high-waisted swim skirt or a full-coverage bottom, the natural waistline will draw attention to the smallest part of your torso instead of the top of your hips as in years past. For easy swimsuit combos, grab a few pairs of black high-waist bottoms that you can mix and match with tankini and bikini tops.


Floral Patterns & Frills

While the year’s focus is predominantly on basics and easy styling, there is still a desire for a little bit of frill and flouncy fun. You will still find ruffle necklines and floral prints on the racks to provide more options for people who prefer cheerful styles.

This style is especially desirable for people who want bust-enhancing swimwear to add extra shape to their silhouette. Ruffles can make the bust and hips look fuller, while solid dark colors can have a slimming effect. It’s common to see people with an inverted triangle or pear-shaped body use swim separates with solids and patterns to their advantage.

The new year brings plenty of desirable styles to the swimsuit world that is timeless and functional, making them worthy investments that can be worn for many years.