4 Tips to Feeling Confident in Your Swimwear

4 Tips to Feeling Confident in Your Swimwear

27/07/2021 Off By ladyadminka

Swimwear is special because we wear it for fun occasions. You’re rocking your favorite swimsuit for a pool day or a tropical vacation, not to go run errands or reply to emails. So, it’s important to feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear, which can also come with some challenges. For one, it can take some getting used to wearing a swimsuit that first beach outing of the season after spending the winter hibernating. The key tip for feeling confident in your swimwear is to know that every single body is a beach body. We’re absolutely positive that you’re going to look great on your beach day or at the next pool party. Read on for some pointers to help you feel as amazing as you look.


Show Whatever Amount of Skin You Want

There are no rules about the amount of coverage you should seek in your swimwear. If you feel like showing off a little bit more skin in your swimsuit, then opt for a bikini-style top with low- or mid-rise bottoms. If you’re looking for medium coverage, try a tankini. And if you feel your best with as much coverage as possible, opt for a modest one-piece swimsuit in your favorite color.

Numerous styles of swimsuits and beach cover-ups are available, so the trick here is to listen to that inner voice telling you to go with what’s comfortable above all. You can also add several styles of swimwear from barely-there numbers to super modest swimsuits so you can have a rotation depending on your mood. Being comfortable is truly the key to feeling confident.


Opt for Mix-and-Match Swimwear

Mixing and matching your swimsuits can be a great way to highlight the parts of your body you feel most confident about. With mix-and-match swimwear, you can choose separate tops and bottoms that work best for your body type and style preferences. As long as the patterns and colors are complementary, the look you put together will be a win.

If you want to highlight your bust while having more coverage for your midsection or behind, you’ll feel (and look) amazing in an underwire swimsuit bikini-style top paired with a modest swim skirt on the bottom. And if you want added coverage for your bust while showing a little more leg, simply opt for a high-neck tankini top with high-rise bottoms. No matter what swim combo you feel most comfortable in, you’ll be able to make it happen when you mix and match tops and bottoms. An added pro tip here: Opt for a solid color top with printed bottoms or vice versa, which tends to be more versatile than pairing pattern on pattern.


Look for Solution Swimsuits If You Want Added Comfort

Remember, comfort equals confidence, so if a solution swimsuit will allow you to feel more comfortable in your swimwear, incorporate that into your rotation for a confidence boost. Tummy control swimsuits and slimming swimsuits are two examples of solution swimwear. These innovative swimsuits feature fabric and seams that hug and highlight all of the right places, giving you a silhouette you’ll love. Plus, because solution swimwear comes in so many styles, patterns, and colors, you can further boost your confidence by choosing the most flattering options for you. Opt for a one-piece tummy control swimsuit with a V-neck if you want to highlight your figure, or simply go for high-waist tummy control bottoms with whatever top you choose. This added layer of swimwear tech can have you looking and feeling fabulous.


Bring Layers to Feel Confident All Day Long

When it comes to feeling your most comfortable and confident during a beach day or pool party, how you layer up can be just as important as your actual swimsuit. A stylish cover-up dress can be the perfect layer to have handy between dips in the water while also providing oh-so-important sunray protection. For a trendy look that’ll have you covered — both literally and figuratively! — opt for a V-neck, short-sleeve hooded swim cover-up dress in a comfy material like terrycloth. For even more coverage, go for a cotton jersey maxi dress. Both of these options feature quick-drying material and also provide a stylish layer if your day includes other activities aside from swimming or splashing, such as an outdoor dinner or backyard BBQ. These versatile layers also pair perfectly with your favorite sandals, sunglasses, and a sunhat for a go-to warm-weather look.


These are just a few tips to ensure you have the confidence boost you need to feel your best in your swimsuits. No matter what swimwear and beach cover-up options you have in your closet, as long as you feel your best, you’ll look your best, too.