BOLD UNIQ Purple hair mask

BOLD UNIQ Purple hair mask

06/04/2021 Off By Dmitry Ptyushkin

Has your bright, toned hair gone dull and brassy?

Get your hair back to its briliant best, banish brassiness and say hello to shimmering silver tones and revitalised hair colour.

The wonderful thing about hair colouring is you are free to choose the shade, combination and style that best expresses your unique personality. However, harsh chemicals used in the colouring process can damage hair and over time colour will fade reveal un wated yellowish, golden or brassy strands.

The science behind UNIQ formulation

BOLD UNIQ Purple Hair Mask is the ideal conditioner for natural and colour-treated blonde and highlighted hair to condition dry, damaged strands while neutralising unwanted yellow tones.

Natural Jojoba, Marula and Coconut oil provide intense nourishment, hydration and conditioning to dry, dull and damaged hair, plus, Soy Protein and Vitamin B5 to strengthen each strand for unparalleled shine and softness.

The ultra-pigmented violet-tone was specially created for lighter hiar shades to enhance blonde, platinum, white, silver and grey colouring.

Purple conditioning mask is formulated with UV filters to protect hair from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and combat harmful environmental pollutants to maintain healthy-looking hair and slow colour fade.


Apply BOLD UNIQ Purple Hair Mask to restore softness and maintain colour. Simply follow these steps:

1. Use on clean hair free from product build-up.

2. Wear gloves provided to prevent staining fingers and nails.

3. Towel dry hair and apply enough cover strands completely.

4. Leave mask for 5 minutes to soften dry hair and reduce brass. For stronger silver results, leave in for 10 – 15 minutes. If you don’t achieve desired results on the first use, double leave-in time on next use.

Important Reminder: Because everyone’s hair is unique, test the mask on a small section of the underside of your hair before committing to a longer leave-in time.

5. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.



Purple and yellow are opposing colours on the colour wheel. BOLD UNIQ Purple Hair Mask deposits violet pigments onto hair, cancelling the yellow hues.

Pigment sits on the surface of your hair and washes out within 4 – 6 washes depending on your hair type.

Your purchase comes with a pair of gloves. Wear to avoid staining your nails and fingers.



If you desire stronger ash-grey or lilac hair shade, use BOLD UNIQ Purple Hair Mask in combination with purple shampoo.

If you leave the mask in for too long and your hair becomes too violet, don’t panic! Use a clarifying shampoo to remove purple tinge.

Check out the e-guide we send with your order. It’s packed with tips and tricks for the best results possible!



Wait at least two weeks after having your hair bleached, permed or coloured before using BOLD UNIQ Purple Hair Mask.

Hair colour treatments can make hair more porous. If you use purple conditioner soon after dyeing, the result may be an uneven, patchy look.

Follow the same steps in using purple conditioner, but leave it on for only 1 – 3 minutes.

           Purple Hair Mask For Blonde Platinum & Silver Hair